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User Experiences

14-Sep-01 By Paul Biba
I don't quite understand what's going on here, but I like it. I live in New Jersey and with the recent Trade Center disaster my DSL has been quite erratic. When the DSL is out I use my Kyocera Smartphone and I try to access my ISP through MultiMailPro or Eudora. Both of them lock up and will not connect to my ISP. However, 100% of the time I can connect with Email Consolidator Service by IBE Group!!! What a great service - disaster-proof. I would certainly pay for a service like this. Omnisky, which I have for my Visor, it pretty well useless, as its connections are erratic and tempermental and national coverage is poor. I'm cancelling the service. Email Consolidator Service by IBE Group seems to be the ideal vehicle for the SmartPhone.

06-Aug-01 by Brad S. Konia
Over the past several years, my email needs have grown increasingly complex. Between trying to manage multiple email accounts and access them from different locations, including wirelessly, I was becoming more and more frustrated with the limitations of most of the email apps on the market. Until I found Email Consolidator Service by IBE Group, I was using a different app on each of my devices, using all kinds of complicated rules and filters to pass mail back and forth betweeen each of the apps in a futile attempt to keep everything organized and synchronized.

Email Consolidator Service by IBE Group has changed all of that. This brilliant little application has accomplished the seemingly impossible task of giving me universal access to all my email accounts from ANY device. I normally access GK either via its Web interface or wirelessly from my Palm VIIx. Either way, the user interface is identical and I have access to all my mail folders. There's no need to synchronize anything because GK simply acts as a client to whatever type of mail server you're using. It supports every mail protocol I've ever heard of, a few that I've never heard of and it allows you to setup an unlimited number of email accounts. Some of the popular protocols it supports include POP, IMAP, Hotmail and AOL mail. If your protocol supports folders, GK will give you access to all your folders and allow you to move messages between the folders, etc... It also supports attachments, HTML email and many more incredible features than I can even describe in this short review.

If you're using ANY other email app for the Palm, I'm sure you've encountered some of the same limitations that I've described along with other limitations. I tried all the other apps on the market including Thinair, Hobomail, iMessenger and a few others that I can't even remember because they were so worthless. There is nothing out there that even comes close to GK.

You might wonder why I was so inspired to take the time to write such a glowing testimonial of this product. Well, the answer to that goes beyond the product itself. My enthusiasm stems from the unbelievable responsiveness of its developer, Bob Huang, to his customers. When I first started using GK, I was blown away by all its features but there were a few minor improvements that I thought could be made to it. I suggested these to Bob and he implemented them almost immediately. Not only has he implemented my suggestions, but he's aggressively continued to improve the product adding features that I hadn't even thought of. This contrasts dramatically with the attitude that the developers of Thinair and Hobomail have demonstrated towards improving their products. Last time I checked, neither of these products had been updated in over a year. They are sorely lacking in features and essentially, their development is dead.

If email is a major part of your life, you owe it to yourself to try out Email Consolidator Service by IBE Group, regardless of whether or not you access your mail wirelessly. The feature set is so rich and the user interface so elegant, that I would use it even if I only accessed mail from my PC. GK is currently a free application, but it's definitely worth paying for!

02-Jul-01 by Toby Moon
Ditto! This little Avantgo Channel kicks the most butt! Very easy to use and no frills, means this is very fast running channel. I would like to see for hotmail users the ability to add unwanted email addresses to my ban list but otherwise a 10/10. Keep up the good work!

20-Jun-01 by Brenda Vinson
If anyone one has Hobomail installed on their handheld they are either mistakenly loyal to outdated applications or have not heard of Mobile Mail. Mobil Mail is one of the major reasons why we bought our handhelds in the first place. From Hotmail to your Company email, this is by far the very Best email application out there. Trust me, in three years I have tried at least 10 different ways to easily get my current email from all my accounts thru one source. I have no intention of wasting my time looking for anything better than the 'BEST.'

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